Happy 80th Birthday, Lefty!

LeftyI celebrated what would have been Lefty Frizzell’s 80th birthday today with a trip to Coriscana, his birthplace, about an hour south of Dallas. Lefty is my favorite singer, and I’ve driven down to Corsicana several times to … I don’t know … commune with Lefty’s spirit.

There’s a statue in a park (a statue … of Lefty Frizzell!!) that I make a pilgrimage to every few years to, you know, pay my respects. The statue was made possible by the help of Merle Haggard. Here’s a picture I took of a photograph hanging in the Lefty Frizzell museum in Corsicana — Merle standing next to the statue on its unveiling about fifteen years ago:


Merle at Lefty statue Corsicana


And here’s a photo from today, under cloudy skies with threats of tornadoes in Texas and Oklahoma, of that same statue:


Lefty statue Corsicana head


And this is my favorite part of the statue, Lefty’s foot keeping time:


Lefty statue Corsicana boot


Imagine if he had lived past his 40s. He could still be performing. HE SHOULD still be performing!

Happy Birthday, Lefty!

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5 responses to “Happy 80th Birthday, Lefty!

  1. A great article written, capturing the spirit of a love for Lefty. We love him, too

  2. Thanks, Joe and Bev. This would have been Lefty’s 85th birthday. Thanks for commenting!

    • joe and bev conway

      HOWDY, you’re so welcome. thanks for giving us the opportunity. We’re planning on going to Corsicana this summer to see Lefty’s museum and statue, to say thank you for his style of singing and voice. keep on with your posting, Paula. Joe and Bev

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